Our Mission and Vision



We are an expert corporation in providing complete and high quality solutions for our clients, in the field of general contractors. We exceed the expectations of our customers regarding the reliability of our products and services, with a superior approach of professional advice and service.

We work actively in the search of national and international projects that allow us to maintain a sustained and profitable growth, increasing the brand value of SAVILCON, as synonymous with solidity, quality and reliability. For this we have a team of motivated professionals committed to the constant improvement of our organization.


Be a leading Corporation as General Contractor, in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Becoming synonymous with quality by offering products and services with international standards, ensuring timely delivery at a competitive price.

Counting on a group of professionals, who work as a team with ethical and human values, oriented to satisfy our clients, becoming their best allies.

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Savilcon presents an integral solution in the Central American region, the Caribbean and South America, by offering complete projects in the industrial area.
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